Unique Russian Shawls

Unique Russian Shawls

Winter is gone, however vicious winds and snow remain. Beast from the East challenges peoples from all over the world, and heat is needed as never again. Warm, weightless and high stylish shawl from Russia may help you survive this spring and lot of springs in future.
Shawls are quite common cloth in Russia. Women wear it both at home and work and sometimes instead of a warm hat.

No one knows exactly who first got the idea to weave squares from pashmina and put it on head and shoulders instead of a cloak, but first well-known manufacture located in Persia. First shawls were bright colored with ornaments, very thin and lightweight. Both Persian men and women wore handmade shawls as luxurious accessory, and so it was in Europe since the end of 18-th century.

Russian climate is much colder and severe. Primarily shawls were used to keep body warm and to show off – only in the second turn. Situation changed in the second half of 19-th century. The Great Exhibition in London opened unique manufactured shawls from Russia and other Russian gifts to the world. Wonderfully ornamented Pavlo Posad shawls also became well-known at this time.

From then until today Russian shawls retain the highest quality, both produced and handmade. But the most unique and precious type of Russian shawls is undoubtedly Orenburg shawl. Legend says, which you cold read in Russian books, that Empress Catherine the Second got amazing shawl from thinnest goat down as a present from the Cossack girl. The Empress was truly amazed with skillfulness of work and endowed girl generously, but ordered servants to blind poor girl for then no one could do such splendid thing ever again. Fortunately Cossack had a daughter, and secret of Orenburg shawl wasn’t lost.

Unbelievably light thin white down shawls are not the only masterpiece you may find in Russia. Ornamented and mono-colored, woolen and silk, for cold weather and warm weather – there are a lot of variants of Russian Shawls. Anything you choose, fashionable Russian shawl completes your elegant image without depriving practicality.
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